Accounting Services

For early-stage companies that need part-time accounting and finance support, or later-stage companies that need part to full-time assistance on an interim basis, outsourcing accounting and finance functions become a favorable trend. The statistics show outsourcing accounting functions often results in better work quality, less costs and more freedom and time to the management. To enable the owner or business executive to spend time and focus more on leading business organization’s success, our IMAX’s accounting services team can help you with professional book keeping. Our Accounting Services provides a practical solution by becoming the virtual accounting department scaled to your needs, providing professional accounting staff, controllers, and/or chief financial officers.

IMAX’s accounting services include:
• Bookkeeping
• Bank reconciliations
• Accounts receivable/accounts payable processing
• Payroll processing facilitation/payroll tax reporting
• General ledger posting and maintenance
• Customized Financial Statements
• External CFO/Controller