Advisory Services

We provide advisory services in the fields that we believe our staff have the expertise, skills, creativity and in-depth experience that can help you to improve value, control costs, and manage risks and compliance issues. Our Advisory practices combine expertise and are delegated to providing you with objective advice and quality and timely solutions. We’re here to help you to identify factors to success, challenge to tackle and to developed, implement and execute recommended plans to achieve goals that you desire. Our advisory services include: Business Management

  • Work flow operations: efficiency analysis
  • Procedures manuals
  • Records retention and filing program
  • Records retention and filing programs
  • Computerized office systems and procedures
  • Budgeting
  • Planning and evaluation

Start-up Assistance

  • Entity selection and registration
  • Financial and accounting
  • Procedures manuals and systems
  • Forms and records design
  • Records keeping and retention programs
  • Computerized office systems

Human Resources

  • Incentive programs
  • Personnel administration services
  • Personnel policies and practices
  • Compliance rules and regulations
  • Staff training and development
  • Employee benefits


  • Marketing planning and strategy
  • Product line planning
  • Marketing performance analysis
  • Sales incentive programs
  • Marketing/sales reporting systems
  • Location and site analysis

Information Technology (IT) Services

  • Hardware/software selections
  • EDP feasibility studies
  • Software implementation and training
  • Conversion assistance
  • Security and Compliance
  • Off-line procedures


  • Financial analysis and considerations
  • Capital expenditure
  • Accounting systems analyses
  • Accounting manuals
  • Fixed asset management and control
  • Cash forecast and cash flow studies
  • Receivable credit and collection procedures

Business Valuations

  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Business successions
  • Loan application assistance
  • Capital expansions


  • SBE, MBE Certifications
  • Authentications
  • Public Notary